28 Avril 2021 à 12h55 - 349

Balneotherapy stays in promotion here!

Do you want to live a unique experience? Try a balneotherapy stay from here. There is a big promotion currently. As balneotherapy is a set of treatments using water as a base, it has a wide range of therapies. With a very affordable rate, live an environment away from the daily obstacles.

Moment in a spa or jacuzzi

Those hot tubs are the famous and appreciated treatments when it comes to balneotherapy. For a few minutes in those bathtubs, you are going to immerse yourself in hot water that causes positive reactions to the body. In general, it has a relaxing purpose for all parts of the external or internal body. In addition, the water jets act as professional massagers on the body. Well-being is assured with the spa jacuzzi with its impressive power. When it comes to staying, it is about offering a unique and different moment. You can spend it with your loved one or with your friends or also with your family. Enjoy this moment of sale to make a fun getaway away from routine and stress.

A while in a hammam or steam bath

The steam bath is part of the hydromassage treatments proposed in this room. Combined with a moment of bathing in a Jacuzzi, the hammam is a unique moment during which you are calmly exposed to the warm water transmitted in a special and isolated place. By sitting in a corner of this dedicated space, you focus on your body and forget about all the problems. It runs away from all forms of stress. Relaxation is guaranteed in a quiet environment.

Other services

The services are flexible at the level of this stay to satisfy the clientele. This stay takes place in a specialized establishment and has already had experience of this type. The reception rooms are luxurious and own. The treatments are also carried out for experts in the wellness environment.


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