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The spa bath and its options

Music therapy is therapy that uses sounds, rhythms and voices to treat ailments of the soul and body. This therapy would have beneficial effects on anxiety, hypertension, chronic pain, etc.

Music has a direct influence on the nervous system and therefore helps reduce states of stress and nervousness. Music therapy is the provision of soothing music during your relaxation sessions.

Concretely, beyond the effect provided by the music on our perception, the vibrations emitted by the music in the water literally cross our body and improve our internal balance. The stress is evacuated and the body is able to recover more easily from its efforts. Choose soft music or birdsong to promote your calm and to better relax you. Music therapy allows you to let go and plays a recognized de-stressing role.

This large charming spa bath invites you to share your bubble bath for two

Its two large seats with sloping backs each offer you 3 jets and 1 dorsal turbobus, then 2 side turbobuses and finally 19 air injectors distributed over the entire tank bottom. Its many massage jets are driven by a water pump as well as an air pump and easily adjustable thanks to the pressure regulator button of the jets for a personalized bath. The ideal temperature is possible with its thermostatic valve and its water heater. The latter will maintain the desired temperature.

The touch control panel will give you access to the setting of the radio or the ozonator for example. The ozonator will make your life easier since it will clean the tubs jacuzzi right down to the pipes. Then a simple usual cleaning of the tank will suffice for its maintenance. The balneotherapy bathtub allows you to enjoy the benefits of balneotherapy from your bathroom. Thanks to its numerous hydromassage nozzles, the whirlpool baths offer comfort and well-being to the user.

Recommended for people suffering from back or joint problems, hydromassage, by its diffusions of air and water jets, tones and relaxes. The benefits of balneotherapy depend on the nozzles and their technology. The balneotherapy sessions are energizing or relaxing.



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