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A swim spa to keep fit

Do you want to accumulate benefits without having to choose between a spa and a swimming pool? Now you can relax and exercise at the same time with the swim spa. Then another time you had to choose between the two. Take advantage of tubs on sale at Tropicspa with a wide choice of quality models at favorable prices.

A solution for two problems

Therefore, a swim spa can be made up of two pools with a different size or a single pool. Thus, with the double-basin spa, the first is smaller and devoted much more to moments of relaxation and massage. Just like in a classic portable spa, the water is at 37 ° C and allows you to relax and massage the whole body.

While the second pool, the largest, has a lower temperature but is equipped with a very efficient system of a real turbine more powerful than a simple pump in a classic swimming pool which propels the water up to 9km / h to allow swimming against the current. A technology somewhat comparable to the treadmill system.

Effective for your mental physical condition

In water, gymnastic movements burn three times more calories than the same indoor movements. Therefore, spa swimming is more effective for physical exercises thanks to its high performance systems. In addition, to strengthen the muscles, aquatic exercises are the best means.

In addition, it helps to relieve nervousness or stress after a long day at work. Thus, the swim spa provides not only a means for maintaining the body but also for well-being. It provides a massage that removes toxins, helps blood and lymphatic circulation, allows better functioning of vital organs.


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