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Athletes like to spend time in a massage parlor to recover

Resting is not enough to recover from any sporting activity. Besides, massage cannes is like the best of a sportsman. Many athletes like to spend time in a massage parlor for recovery, the objectives of which are muscle relaxation, elimination of toxins, detection and reduction of tensions and contractures, etc. Top athletes even have their own masseur-physiotherapist.

The reasons for massaging an athlete.

Any sportsman exercising a hard activity deserves a massage. The latter allows them to have absolute relaxation and an improvement in their performance. The massaged assists in a flexibility of the muscles, a relaxation of the organism which recovers more easily, a reduction in fatigue, a regulation of the blood circulation while eliminating the toxins accumulated during the effort and a reduction of the muscular tensions due to hard efforts. Thus, the various aches, joint and muscle problems will be appeased. Several massage parlors open the hands of its experienced masseuses for all types of sportsmen requiring a good dose of relaxation. An effective massage should last between 20 to 30 minutes, and in general, massage for an athlete should be done before, during and after exercise. But the most ideal and what you should not miss is especially the one after the effort.

The different massage techniques for an athlete.

There are several types of massages applying various techniques very favorable for a sports massage such as the Californian message, the Swedish massage, the Korean message, etc. In addition, almost all massage parlors are suitable for a favorable moment of relaxation, there must be a calm, soothing, noise-free place, etc. The use of essential oil is necessary for a better message. The direction should be made from the extremities towards the roots of the limbs, for example from the ankle towards the knee for a leg and from the elbow towards the shoulder for an arm. There are some important gestures to practice during a sports massage such as touching with soft and light circular movements, stretching, kneading or deep modeling of the muscles, pressing, palpating, rolling with the kneading and rolling of the muscles. ...


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