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Make sure your pets are looked after during a heatwave

If you recently when for a used jacuzzi for sale, you probably know everything you need to do, and should not do, — think about safety, care and maintenance. How do you? Or do you? For example, what is the highest temperature to safely set the water? Was it all right for pets or children to have a dip? And what are some stuff that you should do to maintain a clean, hygienic jacuzzi?

Animals and hot tubs are not the best mix

You love your dog, and you want to take it wherever you can. Unfortunately, a hot tub can be too hot for pets to manage, so there's no chance of injury. In addition, overhair from an animal can lead to blockages in the jacuzzi. While clogs are a daily occurrence, it may be important to take a deliberate bath with pets and to remedy the problem. Let's finally think about the claws of your cat. Their nails may scrape a vinyl, plastic or acrylic jacuzzi 's surface to break off the safety coating.

Stop contamination with a whirlpool

Whenever someone swims inside the bubble, his body fluids and grime are automatically introduced to the water. There are many germs in thermal baths. In shared spas in gyms and hotels, where many people dive in between whirlpool cleanings, it can be especially troublesome. This is the key explanation for not using the hot tub for people with open sores or skin infections. The hot water is ideal for virus propagation, particularly when the sanitizer levels are not maintained in the water. This also refers to rashes and other wounds.1 A doctor will check for the green light before going back to a whirlpool.

Which is the right temperature for a jacuzzi?

Newer hot tubs have a maximum plant specified temperature of 104 degrees Celsius. Some bathers consider that Fahrenheit of 100 to 102 degree is relaxing and therapeutic.2 Note that the cardiovascular system can be put under undue pressure under higher temperatures, too.


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